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Effects production such as UI, Skill, Attack, Damage, that best fits the projects

Sound for videos

PV, trailer and gameplay video sound production

Immersive sound

Multi-Dimentional sound production

like VR, 5.1, Binaural Contents

Music Effect

Music effects production such as victory, defeat, success, fail, etc.

Special Sound Effects

Special sound effects production such as Foley, ASMR, Ambient recordings

Voice Effects

Voice effects production like reverse, pitch shift combined with ambience

Sound Design

The sound of Creative Workshop with hundreds of projects is the final puzzle that completes the success of content.

It provides creative sound that enhances the production boundary and immersion regardless of the type of content.

We produce all kinds of sounds such as UI, skill, monster, musical sound effect, ambient sound, and Foley for rich production of projects.



사운드라이브러리 배경.png

Sound Library

Creation Workshop's sound library provides an unlimited global license to countries and media with in-house produced sounds.

The sound library of over 20,000 tracks is categorized according to game genre, atmosphere, situation, length, etc.

You can experience the game sound of Creative Workshop, which enhances the quality of the game, with convenient access and at a reasonable price.

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